Words Unlocked Poetry Winners 2014

Below is a list of the winners of Words Unlocked 2014.
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1st Place:

Title: Meth
Author: Aaron
From: Oregon: Newbridge High School
Teacher: Kim DeForest

2nd Place:

Title: Addiction
Author: Mariah
From: Oregon: Marion County Juvenile Detention Center-MC – JDEP
Teacher: Polly White

3rd Place:

Title: 200
Author: Dennis
From: Florida: St. John’s Youth Academy
Teacher: Brittani Phillips

Title: Relapse
Author: Coy
From: Idaho: Juvenile Corrections Center Nampa/Juniper Hills School
Teacher: Laura Turner

Title: Whoops
Author: Roy
From: Utah: Wasatch Youth Center
Teacher: Bonnie Shaw

Honorable Mention:

Title: A Friend
Author: Jose
From: Indiana: Vantage Pointe Learning Center
Teacher: Judy Willis

Title: I Hope You Understand
Author: Austin
From: North Carolina: Eckerd Youth Alternatives at Boomer
Teacher: Monica Byrd

Title: I Think
Author: Lindy
From: New Jersey: Camden County Youth Center
Correctional Facility
Teacher: Elizabeth Reif

Title: The Boundaries of the Cherry Tree
Author: Havalah
From: Utah: Genesis Youth Center
Teacher: Alan Ashton

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